Canadian Vendor and W-8ECI vs. W-9

Canadian Vendor and W-8ECI vs. W-9


We have a vendor that we are doing business with located in Canada.  They have completed a W-8ECI (Ross Video Ltd) with a US Tax Identification Number 36-XXXXXX.  They have also completed a W-9 (same US Tax Identification Number as above) as Ross Video Inc.  The EIN matches to the IRS TIN Matching Program.  Only the administrative work is performed in Canada.  They have one office located in NYC where all other work is processed...."your order XXXX was booked through our USA company.  Please send your payment to us in Canada or the address on the W-9.  We will receive it either way."  Is this reportable on a 1042-S?  Since they indicated that they are Incorporated on their W-9, there would not be a reporting obligation on a 1099-Misc, correct?

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